Congratulations Seniors

Graduation is today, congratulations to graduating seniors!

a btb “now get off our floor, I want my bigger room”



Years ago, Burton Conner stayed open for the summer and Bombers would use the time to improve and renovate the floor.  Recently though, the dorm has been closed and the floor has become quite run down.  So in the final week of school, a bunch of us got together and did what we could to fix things up.

(Apologies for the bad pictures throughout this post, still getting used to the iPhone camera)

Most of our work was focused on the floor lounge: fixing holes in the walls,  cleaning behind the bar, and repainting.

The far wall, before anything.  Note some spackling from past holes never paints over, and the incomplete paint job at the top:

After fixing more holes:

And after being finished.  We also painted the radiator in the bottom right, it’s paint was chipping and was just generally gross:

Behind the bar, before anything.  It’s littered with wires that are way too long, tons of old electronics, and things we once thought would be good to keep.

And After:

I didn’t take a before picture of this wall before, but it was decorated with old street signs, and had a number of wires strewn along it.  You can get a decent look on the right hand side of this floor photo:

We took those down, organized the wiring a bit, and gave it fresh paint.  That last wire is a subwoofer wire that was missing when we fixed the others:

Lastly, we have a bunch of special lighting installed in the floor lounge.  The two lights high in the middle, the Coors sign on the left, and the line of orange light along the ceiling:

In the past, turning these on meant finding the individual plugs and an outlet to plug them into.  Now they’re plugged into one power strip with one switch:

a btb “wait, you mean Patricia doesn’t fix the holes in the walls”